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Student at Appalachian State living a double life in North Carolina and California. I love photography. Most of my pictures are taken with a Nikon D3000. These are the results of almost constantly carrying it with me. I'd love to get some experience with weddings, engagement shoots, family portraits, birthday parties, etc. I'd be happy to work something out :) Contact me with any comments or questions: codyandrewsphotography@gmail.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

backyard photo shoot and bubbles

After my freshman year of college, I have about a month until I go to work at a nearby summer camp. Until then, I fill my days watching Law and Order, baking in my new oven, and I'm even considering doing laundry. Yesterday, I had an awesome day playing grown up dress up with my three amazing friends Elisabeth, Austen, and Maddie. We had a little photo shoot in Austen's gorgeous backyard.

I love these girls :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

showing california to my friends :)

After the road-trip, I naturally had to show Josie, Maria, and Audrey around Los Angeles. We went everywhere! Santa Monica, Malibu, The Getty, Hollywood, Melrose Flea Market. The list goes on and on.

trip to the aquarium

My recent trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific reminded me how much I LOVE going to the aquarium! We went on a Saturday, so it was pretty crowded. Here are some shots from the day.

Friday, May 13, 2011

road-trip from north carolina to california

I just got home from a road trip I took with three friends from college. We started in Mooresville, NC and spent six days traveling to my home in Palos Verdes. Our route was from North Carolina to Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa to St. Louis, St. Louis to Fort Collins, Fort Collins to Brian Head in Utah, and then Utah to California. I think it's a perfect trip to do in college, and I actually had an amazing time seeing the sights from coast to coast. Driving through Colorado, Utah, and Nevada was absolutely incredible, and I loved taking pictures the whole trip.

 Here's the four of us in a field in Kansas. 

tuscaloosa, AL

On my road-trip home, we went down to Tuscaloosa, AL where Josie lives. She took us to through the areas which were most damaged by the recent tornadoes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

drive to up to appstate

I love the ride up to my school. You drive along gorgeous ridges and experience the Blue Ridge Mountains at their finest. I took a bunch of random shots on the way up. Probably not the safest thing to do hahaha.

Now I'm off to take my last final: Biology. Then I'm going to pack up my stuff and head out! I can't wait to start on my cross country road trip. I'm planning on taking TONS of pictures!

Monday, May 2, 2011

People of Merlefest

Becoming a more frequent photographer, I have realized how much people love having their picture taken. I used to be really shy about going up to people to ask them to take their picture. Lately, I have just been going for it, and it has been so much fun talking to people and taking their pictures. Here are some of the really sweet people at Merlefest.

This woman was rocking out to Robert Plant. I had to get some pictures of her. I talked to her for a bit, and she saw that I had an AppState hat on. It turns out she lives in downtown Boone really close to campus!

This is my dad. He is in his element at any bluegrass festival/concert. Look how happy he is!